¿Cómo se elige entre hisopos de yodóforo y hisopos con alcohol?


¿Cómo se elige entre hisopos de yodóforo y hisopos con alcohol?

Inevitablemente habrá golpes y magulladuras en la vida diaria; Los rasguños, cortes y otras lesiones traumáticas también son más comunes, especialmente en familias con niños. Muchas familias tienen una pequeña caja de medicamentos con hisopos desinfectantes externos en caso de emergencia para hacer frente a estos accidentes.

Son de uso comúnhisopos de yodoyhisopos con alcohol;

como los eligesVeamos cuál es la diferencia.

Desinfectantes Escribe Características Objeto de exterminio Alcance de uso Principio Precaución Preservación
Yodóforo (povidona yodada) Desinfectante de acción media Baja toxicidad, acción rápida, buena estabilidad, baja irritación. Mata una variedad de bacterias, esporas, virus, hongos, etc. Mucosas, piel (quemaduras, cortes, congelación, quemaduras, contusiones, abrasiones, etc.) Release of iodineybactericidal effect Está prohibido compartir con la poción roja (mercurio rojo); Úselo con precaución si es alérgico al yodo. Use up within 48 hours after opening, seven days after opening in case of timelyyairtight use
75% de alcohol Desinfectante de acción media No tóxico, de acción rápida, fácil de volatilizar. Mata muchos tipos de microorganismos. Intact skin (broken skinymucous membranes should not be used) Causes bacterial proteins to coagulateydie Use with caution if you are allergic to alcohol, useystore away from fire Usar a tiempo después de abrir

Alcohol swabs

Alcohol is a commonly used disinfectant, but too high or too low concentration can not be used for disinfectionysterilization. Too high a concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria, preventing it from entering the bacteriaymaking it difficult to kill the bacteria completely; on the contrary, too low a concentration of alcohol can enter the bacteria but cannot coagulate the proteins in the bacteria, which also cannot kill the bacteria completely. Therefore, only 75% of alcohol is suitable for disinfectionysterilization, which we call medical drinking. It is generally not used on wounds with epidermal defects because of the pain caused by its irritating properties.

Iodoform is a combination of iodineypolyvinylpyrrolidone in an aqueous solution to form povidone-iodine. The element iodine itself plays a bactericidal roleycan be used for disinfection of skinymucous membranes, as well as for general trauma such as burns, burns, frostbite, cuts, scrapes,ycontusions. Because it dissolves in waterynot alcohol, it is less irritating, but it does not penetrate grease easily, so it is not as good as alcohol for disinfection of oily scalpyother greasy parts. Unlike iodine (tincture of iodine), iodophor is less irritating to woundsyis more widely used in medicalyhousehold settings. However, it should be noted that it should not be used together with red saline (red mercury), as it will precipitate mercury iodide, which is a highly toxic substanceycan lead to mercury poisoning when used in large quantities. When injecting insulin, choose 75% alcohol to disinfect the skin; because insulin is a protein, iodine will affect the activity of insulinythus affect the absorption, which is not conducive to the management of blood sugar, while alcohol is easy to evaporateyhas little effect.

Now that we know some of the differences between hisopos con alcoholyhisopos de yodo, will you use disinfectant swabs correctly? There are several points that we need to pay attention to. Firstly, the swab should be applied from the middle of the wound to all around, rotating while applying,ysecondly, the used swab should not be dipped back into the medicine bottle to avoid contaminating the medicine. Finally, remind us that when the wound is a relatively large or serious situation, to go to the hospital to let the doctor deal with it.

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